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Our mission is to educate the public about the great diversity of the Asian American experience, through the books that we distribute; fostering cultural awareness and to educate Asian Americans about their own heritage, instilling a sense of pride. AACP believes that the knowledge which comes from the use of appropriate materials can accomplish these goals.


The Asian American Curriculum Project, Inc. has been an award winning non-profit voluntary educational organization since 1969. Our original name was Japanese American Curriculum Project JACP, Inc. Since our beginning in 1969, we have grown to offer the most complete collection of Asian American books.

The books and other materials offered are for all age groups, all levels of education and all Asian ethnic groups; including and not limited to Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Samoan, Tongan, Thai, & Vietnamese Americans and Hawaiians.

Materials include literature, folk tales, posters, magazine, tapes on language and music, games, activities, teachers guides, dictionaries, bilingual materials and reference books on history, social issues and education.


Florence M. Hongo, President of the Board & General Manager, San Mateo, CA
Shizue Yoshina, Vice President, Los Gatos, California
Rosie Shimonishi, Secretary, San Jose, California
Donald Y. Sekimura, Treasurer, Palo Alto, California

Board Members:
Michele Kageura, San Jose, California
Katherine M. Reyes, San Francisco, California
Susan Tanioka, Merced, California
Joe Chung Fong, San Francisco, California
Leonard D. Chan, San Mateo, California

Associate Board Members:
Sutapa Das
Sylvia Yeh
Kim Ann Yoshiwara

George Hinoki, Attorney at Law, San Jose, California

Mas Hongo, Business Manager, San Mateo, CA


Walk of Honor Honoree, as past president of the Downtown San Mateo Association, October 1996.

KQED-TV, San Francisco public TV, on Asian Pacific Heritage Month, May 12, 1994. "In recognition of your outstanding service to the Bay Area Asian American Community" for "providing schools and the community with resources that enhance understanding of the Asian American experience".

Awards/ resolutions presented on the occasion of the JACP 25th Anniversary May 21, 1994; 1)presented by the National Japanese American Citizens League by President Lillian Kimura; 2) U.S. Congressman Norman Mineta; Congressman Robert Matsui; Congresswoman Anna Eshoo; California State Senator Quentin L. Kopp; and California State Assemblywoman K. Jacqueline Speier.

Association for Asian American Studies, June 3, 1993, at Cornell University, New York. Special Service Award for a "lifetime of work in advancing Asian American Studies."

Community Career Education Center, San Mateo, CA, Honoring Excellence in the Bay Area Workplace, April 21, 1993.

San Francisco Nikkei in Education, San Francisco, CA, March 12, 1989, for outstanding service in the field of education.


AACP would like to extend a special thank you to all who donated in 2001-2002. Your donation has made it possible for us to continue as your Asian American Resource.

With your support AACP continues to educate the pubic about the great diversity of the Asian American experience.


If you are interested in becoming an AACP volunteer, please
contact us.
call - (650)357-1088 or (800)874-2242
email -

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